About me

Shankari Susanne Hill

Musician, yoga teacher, & seminar leader

About me

It feels so good to follow the voice of your own heart more and more!

Over the years, I have worked on so many creative projects, whether as a violinist in an Irish folk band, in a jazz duo, or in an orchestra. I have composed pieces for theater music, played intensively in street theater, led my own association as a hospital clown, and visited countless people in various institutions. I gave workshops as a seminar leader for the Eckart von Hirschhausen Foundation HUMOR HELPS HEAL for years, and as a music educator, I helped many people learn an instrument.

Throughout the years, I have always followed the voice of my heart, yet I have never completely done “my own thing.”

For some time now, the time has come, and I am fully concentrating on my own music – whether in concerts, on CDs, in courses, or singing circles. I am also happy to accompany yoga classes since I also teach yoga from the heart now.

It is always about an authentic, direct connection with my fellow human beings and myself.

What is the mood, what excites you and me, how do we encounter each other… and what is currently important? I am at my best when I am in the moment, going with what is there – without expectation and full of curiosity. And by pausing, listening to my inner voice, and following my heart.

That is how I come to my joy in life and to myself, and I can also enable other people to do the same.

This is how I find my joy and my true self, and can also help others to do the same.

A few facts about me

  • Singer, composer & multi-instrumentalist (violin/viola/piano/ukulele/accordion/clarinet)
  • Bachelor of Music (University College Dublin)
  • Diploma in Music Education (Conservatory/FH Osnabrück)
  • Hospital clown (Franki Anderson/Andreas Hartmann/Hilde Cromheecke/TuT Hannover)
  • Actress (Lecoq/Physical Theatre)
  • Humor trainer (Humor Helps Heal/Michael Christensen)
  • Yoga teacher (BYV) – Hatha Yoga/Yin Yoga

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